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  • Lucky Patcher has fully changed the Android world with awesome patching features. It is the best patching app for Android devices. Modify and manipulate various aspects of different applications & games. It will give you unleashed control over your apps & games on Android devices.

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version 10.8.7

Lucky Patcher has fully changed the Android world with awesome patching features. It is the best patching app for Android devices. Modify and manipulate various aspects of different applications & games. It will give you unleashed control over your apps & games on Android devices.

Remove all annoying ads & unlock premium features of apps & games for free. This app empowers users to personalize their apps and games accordingly. This patching app stays ahead of all other patching tools & apps. Enjoy the freedom to unlock new possibilities and enhance your mobile journey in a unique and exciting way.

Lucky Patcher Original APK

It is a patching tool that brings tons of awesome features to fully upgrade your Android gadget.  Its innovative features can customize apps and games like never before. Get rid of annoying ads to unlock premium features. Lucky Patcher Apk offers unparalleled control over the mobile experience. Stay ahead with friendly UI and innovative patching features.



License Verification Bypass

This patching tool allows you can bypass license verification in paid apps. That means you can enjoy premium features for free without using a penny.

In-App Purchase Emulation

Unlock in-app purchases in games and apps. This free Android gadget gives you access to premium content without spending real money.

Remove System Apps

Lucky Patcher allows you to uninstall pre-installed system apps. It means you can easily free up valuable storage space on your device.

Move Apps to SD Card

Transfer apps from your device’s internal storage to an SD card. Free up space and improve the performance of your Android gadget.

Custom Patches

Apply custom patches to apps and games. Moreover, modify the behavior of apps & games and unlock additional features.

Clone Apps

Use multiple accounts or app versions simultaneously. This app also serves as an app cloner to make copies of apps & games.

App Backup and Restore

Safeguard your apps and data by creating backups. This keeps precious files and data safe all the way. Moreover, it also allows you to restore them whenever needed.

Patch Offline Games

Patch offline games to remove license checks. This helps you enjoy restriction-free offline gaming. You can unlock assets and game features of different offline games.

App Customization

This patching tool allows you to customize your favorite apps. You can go on to modify the features and interface of apps & games. Moreover, you can manage and even remove unwanted permissions.

Modify Permissions

There are different license permissions in apps and games. These permissions will give you access to your personal data on the device. But with this app, you can manage and modify those permissions according to your preferences.

Ad Blocking

Tired of intrusive ads? This patching app also serves as an ad blocker. This ad-blocking stint lets you block annoying ads in apps.

Auto-Update Disabling

Prevent apps from automatically updating, giving you control over when and how you update your applications.

Create Modded APKs

Modded apps are in great demand. Users look for modded versions of different apps and games. It is because modded apps bring additional features and enhance joy. Therefore This app allows you to create mods of different apps and games for free.

Language Conversion

Convert apps into different languages, making them more accessible and user-friendly. Compatibility with Multiple Devices This app patching gadget is compatible with a wide range of Android devices. Its wide compatibility makes it accessible to a wider audience using different devices.

How to Use Lucky Patcher on Mobile

Modify and customize apps and games for enhanced Android usage. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use this patching tool in an effective way.

●     Start by downloading the Lucky Patcher APK from a trusted source. Enable installation from unknown sources in your device settings, then install the app.

●     Launch the app from your device’s app drawer. Now allow the permissions asked by LP.

●      Lucky Patcher will display a list of installed apps on your device. Tap the app or game you wanna rejig.

●      Once you have selected an app, a menu of actions will appear. These actions include removing ads, patching for in-app purchases, and modifying permissions. Choose the desired action and follow the prompts.

●     After selecting an action, Lucky Patcher will start the modification process. This may take a few moments, and your device may need to be rooted for some advanced modifications.

Complete desired modifications successfully. you can now launch the modified app and enjoy the changes you’ve made.

How to Use Lucky Patcher on PC

To use this LP android app patching tool on your PC, follow these steps:

●     Download and install an Android emulator like Bluestacks on your PC.

●     Open the emulator and complete the initial setup process.

●     Get the App file of the LP PC version.

●     Locate and Install the LP in your emulator on your PC.

●     Select an app from the emulator’s app list and choose desired modifications.

●     Follow the prompts to apply modifications to the selected app.

By following these steps, you can enjoy patching the goods of this app on your PC.

Top Games Compatible with Lucky Patcher

●     Biomedical Game

●     Bloons TD Battles

●     Brothers: Clash of Fighters

●     Build Away! – Idle City Builder

●     Bee Brilliant

●     Cricket Hungama 2016

●     Deadly Fight: Fighting Game

●     Dictator 2

●     Farm Away! – Idle Farming

●     Fruit Ninja Free

●     Gun Strike 2

●     Hero Simulator: idle Adventure

●     Hungry Shark Evolution

●     Hunger Games: Panem Run

●     Injustice: Gods Among Us

●     Invention City

●     Just Shout

●     Last Heroes

●     Mad Day – Truck Distance Game

●     Monster Defender

●     On the Run

●     Puzzle Craft 2

●     Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble

●     Robots

●     Route Z

●     Sky Charms

●     Smash Cope Heat

●     The Factory

●     Tiny Troopers 2

●     Tower Madness 2: 3D Defense

●     Under Heroes

●     Unfinished Mission

●     Watch out Zombies

●     Zombie Catchers

●     Zombie’s Got a Pogo

●     Street Fighting 2: Multiplayer

●     Storm the Train

●     Swamp Attack


Alternatives to Lucky Patcher

There are several alternatives to this patching app. Some notable entries on this list are discussed below.


Freedom allows users to bypass in-app purchases in various apps and games.


Bypass in-app purchases and unlock premium features in apps and games.

SB Game Hacker

●     Modify game values

●     Unlock in-app purchases

●     Cheat codes in games.

Game Guardian

●     Modify game values

●     tweak parameters

●     Unlock in-app purchases in games.

iAP Cracker

iAP Cracker is an alternative specifically designed for iOS devices, allowing users to bypass in-app purchases.

Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine is a popular tool for game modification, allowing users to manipulate game values and enable cheats.


Xmodgames is a patching app that provides users with a variety of features. Its offerings include game automation, modding, and enhancing gaming performance.


GameCIH allows users to modify game values, change scores, and unlock premium features in games.

LeoPlay Card

Unlock premium features for free in dozens of games.

Common Errors in LP

“License Verification Failed”

This error suggests that the app’s license verification cannot be bypassed. Consider using alternative methods or patches, as not all apps can be successfully modified.

“No Custom Patches Found”

It means LP does not have custom patches for required app. Check for updates or explore other sources for custom patches.

“App Not Responding/Error during Patching”

This error may arise due to compatibility issues or conflicting apps. Try reinstalling the app, clearing app data, or restarting the device to resolve the issue.

“Root Access Required/Error on Rooted Device”

This error occurs if root access is not granted or if the device’s root is not properly functioning. Ensure root access is enabled and consider re-rooting the device if necessary.

“Installation Error”

This error typically occurs when the APK file is not compatible with the device. Moreover, it can also occur when there is insufficient space on your device. Ensure compatibility and free up storage before attempting installation.


To ensure optimal performance and functionality of Lucky Patcher, it’s important to meet the following requirements:

1.    Your device should have Android version 2.33 or higher to run Lucky Patcher.

2.    For smooth operation, it’s recommended to have a minimum of 2 GB RAM on your Android device.

3.    Ensure that your device has at least 8 GB of available storage for Lucky Patcher to function properly.

4.    Lucky Patcher is compatible with both rooted and unrooted devices. However, it delivers the best performance on rooted devices.

5.    Grant the necessary permissions required by Lucky Patcher on your device to ensure its seamless operation.

Pros & Cons


●     Ad-blocking: Block intrusive ads within apps and games for a better user experience.

●     In-app purchase emulation: Access premium content in apps without spending real money.

●     App customization: Modify features and interface of your favorite apps for personalized use.

●     Backup and restore: Safeguard apps and data by creating backups and easily restoring them.

●     Remove system apps: Free up storage space by uninstalling pre-installed system apps.

●     Offline game patching: Remove license checks in offline games to play without an internet connection.

●     Custom patches: Apply custom patches to modify app behavior and unlock additional features.

●     Move apps to SD card: Transfer apps from internal storage to SD card for space optimization.

●     Multiple accounts with app cloning: Clone apps to use multiple accounts or versions simultaneously.

●     Language conversion: Convert apps into different languages for enhanced accessibility.


●     Violates app developers’ rights by bypassing license verification and modifying apps.

●     Potential security risks since Lucky Patcher requires root access to function.

●     Not available on official app stores, requiring users to download it from external sources.

●     Some app updates may break compatibility with Lucky Patcher modifications.

●     Misuse of Lucky Patcher can lead to unethical practices such as piracy and cheating.

Lucky Patcher Apk

Download Lucky Patcher APK

To initiate the download process, simply click or tap on the download button provided. Once there, click the download button again to begin the download immediately. The apk file size is of few MBs only. Hence, you have to wait for hardly 1 or 2  minutes. After the download is finished, proceed to the installation setup.


How to Install Lucky Patcher?

Before installation, ensure that you disable ‘Google Play Protect’ as indicated in the precautions.

It is important to read and follow all the precautions before proceeding with the installation.

Open the Downloaded File

Locate the downloaded file of Lucky Patcher Apk on your device.

Tap on the file to open it.

A pop-up will appear with options ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.

Click on ‘Yes’ to continue with the installation process.


The pop-up will start preparing the installation.

Wait patiently for the completion of this step.


A new pop-up will appear, requesting permission to allow “Unknown Source Installations”.

Click on ‘Settings’ within this pop-up.


In the settings, enable installation from LP Installer by toggling the corresponding option.

This step is depicted in the provided image.


Locate the ‘Install’ button and tap on it to proceed with the installation.

This step is depicted in the provided image.



Lucky Patcher is one of Android’s most used and widely regarded patching tools. It provides many services, making it a must-have grab for Android users. This app serves as an ad-blocker and helps you to limit all ads from apps & games. Moreover, it also blocks ads from browsers as well.

For gaming lovers, this app is a patching heaven. Players can make desired customizations to different games. They can unlock different levels, features, and unlimited coins & money. Moreover, the app also patches different apps effectively. Users can unlock the premium features of different apps for free. You can customize and patch different apps for free. It serves as a storage manager as you can move Apps to SD cards. Get Lucky Patcher APK free from this page and enjoy unlimited patching features.

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